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[new] Charlie Burg – “Lancaster Nights” (96bpm Bmaj)

I liked this song so much I listened to some of Charlie Burg’s other stuff. Sadly, most of it was pretty awful. Hopefully this record is more indicative of where he’s headed because it really has a lot going for it. Out of the gate, it’s groovy but just when you think you know where it’s going, it takes some unconventional left turns. I liked being surprised especially when it’s with wonderful horn arrangements and riffs, great harmonies and background vocals, sophisticated chord progressions and tight, disciplined production. And it has a GREAT ending too. Bravo, Mr. Burg. Please do more of this!

[new] Anderson .Paak feat. Rick Ross – “Cut ‘Em In” (79bpm Dmin)

Wow… it’s so nice to hear someone actually rap again. Call me old school… whatever. This style is just flat-out better than the unintelligible and profoundly unoriginal rubbish that the music industry is churning out lately. Listen carefully and pay attention all you mumble-rap losers. This is how it’s done. Kudos to the producer for a great guitar riff and head-bobbing beat. I would like to request a 12″ version with a nice long break about two thirds of the way through. That reminds me… why don’t songs have breaks anymore? In the words of Afrika Bambaataa, “The break beat is that part you look for in a record that let’s your God-self just get wild.” The break what started the entire hip hop music genre. Who doesn’t like a good break? Whaddaya say Anderson .Paak?

[new] Gashi – “Lies” (118bpm Fmin) & “Paranoid” (110bpm C#min)

Gashi seems to be taking a page from The Weeknd’s playbook. Or perhaps it’s vice versa. I really like this track a lot. I’m a little more fond of the instrumental production on this record than I am the vocals. I know it may seem like a requirement to auto-tune these days, but I think this record would have been much more powerful without it.

Another enjoyable track from Gashi called “Paranoid.” Gashi… yes… we know you smoke. We’re very proud of you. 😂 The look and image he’s cultivated for himself is douchey, but I do like this track and video as well.