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[classic] The World’s Famous Supreme Team – “Hey D.J.” (95 bpm Fmaj@98bpm)

Transcribing vinyl takes a lot of time and effort. If I can find a recording I like on a streaming service, I usually don’t bother. But sometimes, the versions of the song I want to listen to exist only on the 12″ single. In other cases, such as in this wonderful piece of hip-hop history by The World’s Famous Supreme Team, the recording that’s available on Spotify and Amazon Music is nothing short of a disaster. Whoever mastered it and encoded it completely destroyed it. They loudened it, crushed all of its dynamic range, and turned it into an unlistenable, splattery mess. It’s such a shame because this is the only recording many people will ever have access to. Go ahead and give it a listen and then compare it to this recording of the vinyl 12″ single that was competently mastered at Sterling Sound in 1984. It makes all the time and effort worth it.

St. Vincent – “Pay Your Way In Pain” (63bpm Bmaj Bmin)

St. Vincent definitely brings it on this one. It’s got a sick down-tempo groove with a fat analog synth bassline, terrific multi-layered vocal harmonies that kinda slug you in the gut, (the chords used are reminiscent of Prince’s style,) and lead vocals that are fun, over-the-top and portray a drama-queen caricature that’s both fun to listen to and punchable. Love the video too with its “shot on video” motif complete with tube cameras that show comet tails. Nice!