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[new] [mashup] Raye – “Natalie Don’t” and Gloria Gaynor – “I Will Survive”

I was listening to “Natalie Don’t” by Raye and wondering what is was about it that sounded so darned familiar. Then it hit me: it has the same chord progression as “I Will Survive.” When I noticed that they’re in the same key and only a few BPM off from each other, I figured this was no accident. So I whipped up a mashup on the ol’ computer. I used the instrumental version of “I Will Survive” and whipped up a quick and dirty a cappella version of “Natalie Don’t” on the computer using RX 8 by iZotope. Enjoy.

[new] Joy Oladokun – “Bad Blood” (79bpm Amaj)

According to her website, when Joy Oladokun was 10 years old, she saw a video of Tracy Chapman singing and playing guitar and was inspired. She’s really created something beautiful with “Bad Blood.” It’s got a really pleasing blend of guitar, mandolin, piano and bass. Her voice is natural, soulful, full of dynamic range, enhanced by gorgeous multipart harmonies at just the right times, and not stepped on by excessive processing. She also doesn’t have one millisecond of vocal fry which is wonderful! I’m looking forward to hearing more from her.

Of course, when I saw the song’s title was “Bad Blood,” I couldn’t help but think of Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood. Oladokun’s is 79bpm in the key of A, and Taylor Swift’s is 85bpm in the key of G. Hmmm… that’s only a 6bpm and two semitone difference. I couldn’t help it; I fired up my DJ app and did a quick mashup. Enjoy. 🙂 (I hope Joy is not offended.)