I was born in 1971. My father is a music professor emeritus for a university where he taught for 44 years and my mother plays trombone and piano. I play piano. I grew up around a university marching band and 80’s video games which probably had a significant influence on my musical tastes.

When I was 14, I started DJing. I bought my first Technics 1200 turntable at 15 and did lots of parties, dances, weddings, quinceañeras, car shows, and other gigs through high school and college. My nickname was CJ, so the name “DJCJ” came naturally. I spent a lot of time learning about what kinds of music makes people respond in different situations. I still have my 1200’s and vinyl records. (About 2,000.) I’m in the process of entering them into Discogs and will link to the full collection in the future.

I’m now a TV director, husband, and dad, but I still love discovering new music and sharing with others. Hopefully you’ll find some music you like on this blog, music you may not have discovered otherwise. If there’s something you find interesting, let me know in the comments.