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[new] Gashi – “Lies” (118bpm Fmin) & “Paranoid” (110bpm C#min)

Gashi seems to be taking a page from The Weeknd’s playbook. Or perhaps it’s vice versa. I really like this track a lot. I’m a little more fond of the instrumental production on this record than I am the vocals. I know it may seem like a requirement to auto-tune these days, but I think this record would have been much more powerful without it.

Another enjoyable track from Gashi called “Paranoid.” Gashi… yes… we know you smoke. We’re very proud of you. The look and image he’s cultivated for himself is douchey, but I do like this track and video as well. It was shot in Indian Alley which is near Skid Row in Los Angeles.

[fav] The Weeknd – “Blinding Lights” (170bpm Cmin)

This is Max Martin’s 23rd number 1 record and with good reason. You can tell top shelf producers by what they decide not to do. Max Martin’s records are usually stripped down to their most basic parts. He takes those basics and perfects them. No gimmicks, no ProTools plug-in du jour, no adding unnecessary layers. He’s laser focused on just those elements that make a song great, catchy, and memorable. When in doubt, leave it out. 30 years from now, this will still be a great sounding record. Congratulations, Max. You make it look easy.

[new] Tame Impala – “Lost In Yesterday,” (122bpm D♯min) “Borderline,” (98bpm Cmin) and “It Might Be Time” (115bpm Dmaj)

Tame Impala is Australian producer Kevin Parker. His stuff is top shelf in production and sound design. His last album was released in 2015. Over the last couple months, he’s been releasing singles that will be on his next album The Slow Rush which is to be released on February 14, 2020. I love this stuff.