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[new] Buscabulla – “NTE” (94bpm)

Groovy wallpaper to put on while you do some house cleaning or invite friends over for chips and dip. “NTE” stands for “No Te Equivoques” which means, “Don’t get it wrong.” I like the video too. They’re performing right along the water. It reminds me of when I was in Cozumel watching a band play at this bar. Here’s a pic:

Turns out it was shot in Aquadilla, Puerto Rico, not far from Cozumel. I guess the warm waters of the Caribbean make a nice backdrop for a band.

[new] Jesse & Joy – Alguien Más (94bpm)

This record is almost reggaeton. The beat technically qualifies as such, but thankfully it bears no other resemblance. I like how this record is put together. The violin part is its signature and it works well. Normally, I don’t really care about the music video either way, but someone put a lot of effort into this one and the results are really beautiful.

[new] Marshmello, Halsey – “Be Kind” (94bpm)

Producer / DJ Marshmello brings a nice pop record with a memorable, singable melody. It features some nice dynamic range too. One ding: I know he wanted the vocals to sound crisp, but he went overboard with the EQ, making them really top heavy. Sometimes less is more. Still like it though.