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[new] Dashboard Confessional – “Circles” (120bpm Cmaj)

If you want to hear an artist do a cover that’s better than the original, this would be a good example. Post Malone’s original version makes some odd choices. The auto-tune on the vocals makes it sound flat and lifeless. The warbling effect on the vocals during the chorus is distracting, and the whole sonic presentation seems muted, accentuating odd and annoying frequencies.

Dashboard Confessional brings life back to this track addressing the problems mentioned above. Nice job!

[new] Mura Masa, Georgia – “Live Like We’re Dancing” (120bpm Dmaj)

A nice little ditty by Mura Masa, a producer from Guernsey. Yeah, I had to look it up too. It’s an island in the English Channel right off the Coast of Normandy, France. Fun fact: Guernsey is not actually a country; it’s a bailiwick. Neat. Anyway, this is a happy little tune to put you in a good mood. I decided to not let the way the singer says the word “dancing” (“dawn-sing“) bother me.