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[fav] Little Daylight – “Mona Lisa” (128bpm Bmaj)

This is a really good pop tune from a now defunct band from Brooklyn called Little Daylight. They split up and two of their members formed a new band call Me Not You. They’re worth checking out as well. I really like Nikki Taylor’s vocals. She has a pure tone and good articulation. And there’s never ever any vocal fry which is delightful.

[fav] Little Dragon – “Paris” (153bpm A#maj)

This is my favorite track from Little Dragon’s 2014 album “Nabuma Rubberband.” It has a soulful vocal perofrmance, touching lyrics, and excellent arrangement and production. Normally, an emotional song like this would be a down-tempo ballad. I like that they took it up-tempo and made it thump. They’re a good band. I recommend checking out their other stuff.

[fav] The Weeknd – “Blinding Lights” (170bpm Cmin)

This is Max Martin’s 23rd number 1 record and with good reason. You can tell top shelf producers by what they decide not to do. Max Martin’s records are usually stripped down to their most basic parts. He takes those basics and perfects them. No gimmicks, no ProTools plug-in du jour, no adding unnecessary layers. He’s laser focused on just those elements that make a song great, catchy, and memorable. When in doubt, leave it out. 30 years from now, this will still be a great sounding record. Congratulations, Max. You make it look easy.

[fav] My Favorite Diplo Videos

You have to be a little sick in the head to enjoy these. If you don’t find yourself laughing or smiling, then I’m sorry. I don’t think trying to explain it would help.

This one is both impossible to watch and impossible to stop watching. Enjoy.