How could there be a new Gang Starr album? Guru died of cancer in 2010. That didn’t stop Tupac from releasing seven albums after his death. At least 125 Elvis albums have been released since he died. Prince left behind a “vault” of so much unreleased music that a new Prince album could be released every year for the next century.

It looks like 2019 is the year that DJ Premier, the surviving member of Gang Starr, decided to do a posthumous release. “One Of The Best Yet” does not disappoint especially amidst the pathetic backdrop of modern mumble rap. Premier brings back the sick samples harvested from untold years of crate digging and fires up the 1200’s for a brilliant cutting and scratching showcase. I hope current-generation rappers and producers are listening because this is how hip-hop is done.

“Hit Man” – Classic Gang Starr sound. One of my favorites on this album.

Here’s the entire album in a YouTube playlist.