This is a nice, upbeat, catchy pop/rock ditty. Here’s a snippet of the lyrics:

You say your feet are cold I guess we need to go
Somewhere warm on the West Coast
You look at me with that familiar face
You turn around and then you say

I think that we should move to San Francisco
That’s where the happy people go
You say you wanna go to San Francisco
But I, I just don’t know

Someone thinks of San Francisco when thinking about “somewhere warm on the West Coast?” Yeah… I wouldn’t be too sure either there, fella. You might want to tell whomever you’re singing to to take a little look-see at the ol’ Farmers’ Almanac. Oh yeah… And San Francisco is “where the happy people go,” right?

Is this a song about a guy who’s ambivalent about moving somewhere? Or is this a song about his significant other having ill-informed delusions? Who knows? The music video would indicate that they sure like San Francisco a lot. I guess they haven’t had their car windows smashed yet. Despite its dumbness, I still like the song.