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[new] Katy Perry – “Daisies” (122bpm F♯maj)

I like this record, but its producers, The Monsters & Strangerz, made a mistake. The chorus consists of two parts. The first is more subdued and Perry sings in her lower register. For the second part, she repeats the melody an octave higher and really lets it rip. That second part is a tour de force, but it’s dispensed too early and too often. The repeated chorus is copied and pasted throughout the record and by the time you hear it for the fourth time, it’s been run into the ground. The first three choruses should have remained toned down, each a little different from the other in some way. The song’s finale is when you unleash the more intense chorus. When re-listening, it would create some anticipation and it would leave the listener wanting more instead of being tired of it already. BTW, quite the turd of a music video.