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[new] HAIM – “Gasoline” (67bpm Emaj)

Three sisters make up the Los Angeles based band HAIM. I like the production on this track. Terrific multi-part harmony. And it’s nice to hear something that isn’t so quantized, auto-tuned, and polished to the point is has no organic life left in it. It sounds a bit you’re listening to them play it live in their living room. I’m digging it!

[new] Christine and the Queens – “People, I’ve Been Sad” (77bpm Emaj)

Meet French singer Héloïse Adelaïde Letissier. Sure, she’s kind goofy looking, but I like that. Not that it matters what the heck you look like when you’re making records, but if I’m going to watch someone sing, I’d rather they look interesting and not like every other manufactured pop star. Plus, there’s that bonus mole! I really like the hook on this record. She really brings it with a solid and passionate vocal performance.