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[new] VanJess – “Come Over” (101bpm A♯min)

VanJess is made up of sisters Ivana Nwokike and Jessica Nwokike. “Come Over” is a mellow soul/funk groove that’s just as easy to get up and dance to as it would be just have running in the background. They complement each other well with one sister singing the verses with her lower-pitched voice and other singing the chorus in her higher-pitched voice. Grab your honey and dance to this one; you never know what might happen next!

[new] Victoria Monét – “Jaguar” (106bpm A♯min)

The video reminds me a little bit of the Jackson’s “Can You Feel It.” Kinda bizzaro-futuristic with WAY too many sound effects dubbed in. Anyway, it’s not a super-interesting song, but it’s good for a few listens. I’m blogging about it almost out of obligation; it has a great horn part! I think they’re like REAL HORNS! How great is it to hear that again?! I’d like the song better if there were a 12″ version with a nice long break. But I guess breaks have fallen out of fashion these days.