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[new] Charlie Burg – “Lancaster Nights” (96bpm Bmaj)

I liked this song so much I listened to some of Charlie Burg’s other stuff. Sadly, most of it was pretty awful. Hopefully this record is more indicative of where he’s headed because it really has a lot going for it. Out of the gate, it’s groovy but just when you think you know where it’s going, it takes some unconventional left turns. I liked being surprised especially when it’s with wonderful horn arrangements and riffs, great harmonies and background vocals, sophisticated chord progressions and tight, disciplined production. And it has a GREAT ending too. Bravo, Mr. Burg. Please do more of this!

[new] Dagny – “It’s Only A Heartbreak” (166bpm Dmaj)

Tired of Taylor Swift’s narcissistic bullshit? Here’s a great pop tune and a great music video from Norwegian singer Dagny. I really like Backbeat too. Besides expertly written and produced pop records, Dagny has some other things going for her as well: she presents herself with class and doesn’t feel the need to act like a slut / stripper, she brings a wholesome, positive vibe with her genuine smile and friendly disposition, and thankfully she hasn’t yet foisted her politics on us (yet.) Hopefully she can stay on her current course which seems to be working quite well for her.

[new] VanJess – “Come Over” (101bpm A♯min)

VanJess is made up of sisters Ivana Nwokike and Jessica Nwokike. “Come Over” is a mellow soul/funk groove that’s just as easy to get up and dance to as it would be just have running in the background. They complement each other well with one sister singing the verses with her lower-pitched voice and other singing the chorus in her higher-pitched voice. Grab your honey and dance to this one; you never know what might happen next!

[new] Paloma Faith – “Better Than This” (69bpm Bmin)

Here’s British singer Paloma Faith with a terrific vocal performance and a well-crafted song. I’m much more into music than I am music videos, so I rarely comment on music videos. But WOW this one is bad! She’s standing in front of a bunch of old TVs singing. The first thing I notice is how ugly her mouth is. Then I’m treated to random stock footage of civil unrest. Neat! Why? I guess the director didn’t think that was quite bad enough, so about half way in, her nose starts bleeding. She just continues to sing while blood trickles out of her right nostril and down into her mouth. Gross. I’m not sure what point they were trying to make here, but whatever it was I did not get it and have no desire to. I sure hope Palmoa Faith does a lot “better than this” on her next music video.

[new] Anderson .Paak feat. Rick Ross – “Cut ‘Em In” (79bpm Dmin)

Wow… it’s so nice to hear someone actually rap again. Call me old school… whatever. This style is just flat-out better than the unintelligible and profoundly unoriginal rubbish that the music industry is churning out lately. Listen carefully and pay attention all you mumble-rap losers. This is how it’s done. Kudos to the producer for a great guitar riff and head-bobbing beat. I would like to request a 12″ version with a nice long break about two thirds of the way through. That reminds me… why don’t songs have breaks anymore? In the words of Afrika Bambaataa, “The break beat is that part you look for in a record that let’s your God-self just get wild.” The break what started the entire hip hop music genre. Who doesn’t like a good break? Whaddaya say Anderson .Paak?

[new] Victoria Monét – “Jaguar” (106bpm A♯min)

The video reminds me a little bit of the Jackson’s “Can You Feel It.” Kinda bizzaro-futuristic with WAY too many sound effects dubbed in. Anyway, it’s not a super-interesting song, but it’s good for a few listens. I’m blogging about it almost out of obligation; it has a great horn part! I think they’re like REAL HORNS! How great is it to hear that again?! I’d like the song better if there were a 12″ version with a nice long break. But I guess breaks have fallen out of fashion these days.